Apr 082003

I have finally, reluctantly come to believe that Philosblog is no more. In argument Jim Ryan is the most generous of interlocutors, always willing, even eager, to admit to error: would we could all say the same. He was always brief, and always lucid, even when writing about the most abstruse matters. Many worthy blogs have bit the dust, but Jim’s is the only one I will really miss.

And now we come to Sean-Paul Kelley, who is unfit to shine Jim Ryan’s shoes.

Dear Sean-Paul:

Your blog is both good and original. But what is good is not original; and what is original is not good. Wasn’t I clever to come up with that all by myself?

Admiringly yours,

  3 Responses to “Two Epitaphs”

  1. wuz up with his wife? is she a mail-order bride? what is his story? does he work?

  2. Thank you, Aaron, though I’m sure you overstate my case. Anyway, one of my chief regrets in the demise of Philosoblog is that it will reduce the rate of dialogue between you and me, not to mention the frequency of salutary demolition I suffer at your hands. Nevertheless, I’ll be around.

  3. You’re welcome, Jim. What I said was only the literal truth.

    Razib: I dunno what the deal with the wife is, but Kelley doesn’t work. He used to be a financial planner and now devotes himself to plagiarism full-time.

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