Apr 152003

A day after posting this, I get spammed with this:

Actual, professional 55 card deck of casino style playing cards with the most-wanted Iraqis’ names and photos, manufactured by one of the playing card companies shipping these to Iraq. In case you didn’t already know, Saddam is the Ace of Spades.

A limited number of these decks are available. Order at [URL of evil genius omitted] for just $14.99. Plus a poster file with all of the cards’ photos included will be sent to you.

Either the spambots are getting far too clever, or the Zeitgeist moves in mysterious ways.

  5 Responses to “Almost Spooky”

  1. talk about ironic, as I was reading your post I noticed a popup ad that sent me here http://www.greatusaflags.com/product_info.php?products_id=94&aff_id=8&aff_sub_id=13

    the site offers the iraqi trading cards for 5.95 including the poster

  2. I was gettting the same spam, probably before you posted your desire.

    I saw a banner for the greatusaflag.com offer yesterday and couldn’t resist … bought a pack … will see if it’s a waste of money or not.

  3. Looking for an address to send pre-payment for a deck of Iraqi "Most Wanted" playing cards.

  4. hey howard let me know if you get them and how good they are thanks

  5. Hey, is this a hoax, or can you really purchase these cards? I know someone who said they sent $19.95 to receive four decks and a 5th one free, but that they were oon back order. I would love to have a couple of decks. Can someone keep me posted?

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