Oct 122002

Montana’s Libertarian Party candidate for Senate has turned blue. Like the Human Rights Campaign, I deplore any attempt to make a political issue of a candidate’s sexual orientation, or color. Still, he is awfully blue. (Link from Mindles Dreck.)

  2 Responses to “Violet Beauregard for Senate”

  1. Libertarianism is such a reasonable philosophy, but the Libertarian Party candidates often seem to be a little wacky. It don’t believe it was reasonable for this guy to have ingested the silver. I get the sense that libertarians are sensible folk embarrassed about their party. Is this a good generalization, or do you think the party has plenty of good candidates?

  2. It’s a good generalization. Most libertarians I know won’t go near Libertarian Party politics, and the last time the Party made big waves in New York was when Howard Stern ran on its line for governor, which ought to tell you something. Many libertarians, not just candidates, have a strange affinity for crackpot medicine too. Life Extension, a book advocating ingesting massive amounts of vitamins and other dietary supplements, was big in libertarian circles for a while, until its authors, Pearson and Shaw, grew oddly tinted themselves — but orange, as I recall, not blue.

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