Oct 052002

Google’s new page-ranking algorithm may have hurt better blogs than mine, but who cares? I’m now the #1 Haspel, ahead of my mother and sister, who write (about food) for actual money, some camera service in the Netherlands, and the summer-suit purveyors who own the eponymous domain.

In a related story, I’m on page 14 of the Aarons, behind Hank Aaron, Aaron Copland, Aaron Burr, Aaron Carter, Aaron’s Tracheostomy Page, and the notice that Aaron’s Tracheostomy Page has moved.

  2 Responses to “Page Rankings”

  1. I’m #1 on both "susanna" and "cornett". Nyah.

  2. Yeah, well, you spell your name funny, and you don’t have Aaron Carter to contend with either.

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