Oct 222002

Michael Krantz, of the blue hair, writes:

“I was meaning to mention this earlier — in the course of hanging around PacBell last weekend, I got to know this weird guy who basically spends his life with the Giants — goes to all their home games, hangs with the players, etc. I know he wasn’t totally full of shit (although he seemed to be a hardcore alcoholic) because he brought me back into the stadium and introduced me to a bunch of players (I now have a signed Ryan Jensen baseball, for what it’s worth). So anyway, we were talking about Bonds, and he swears to me — absolutely, 100% certain — that if the Giants win the Series, Bonds will retire that very night. He says Bonds is totally sick of the game, his body hurts all the time, he doesn’t care about Aaron’s record — all he wants is a World Series victory, and he’s through.”

A hardcore alcoholic friend of a friend of mine, how’s that for a source? Good enough for the blogosphere! And if Bonds really does retire, just remember where you read it first.

  One Response to “Bonds To Retire?”

  1. Ah, would that we might have the opportunity to test the source! Well, at least the Angels are confirming John’s thesis that they really aren’t the .320-level hitting team they masqueraded as in the playoffs — turns out they’re really a .350 team!


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