When I Hear the Word “Cultural,” I Reach for My Revolver – God of the Machine
Sep 202002

“Cultural genocide” takes many forms, like drilling for oil or teaching English or adopting a child of a different race. It’s a lot more slippery than actual genocide, where you just kill people.

Actual imperialism involves sending the army in and taking over a foreign government. “Cultural imperialism” comes later, when we force-feed the natives Big Macs and broadcast Baywatch 24 hours a day on the telescreen.

You thought actual rape was bad? “Cultural rape” is playing Wagner in Israel, or advertising.

“Cultural studies,” apparently, “build on Antonio Gramsci’s (1891-1937) concept of hegemony to demonstrate how class or gender rule is supported not only by overt mechanisms of law and the exercise of power, but is pervasively dispersed throughout society in institutional structures and cultural beliefs and values.” Actual studies, on the other hand, often require subject matter.

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