Hey Ladies! – God of the Machine
Sep 052002

Now this guy is a play-ah. (Note to the Credulous: no it isn’t me. I’m married and my wife, not to mention my parents, reads this site. I let the dude borrow my templates, that’s it. I swear.)

Update: He password-protected the site, which is now a sort of datebook, and now rues its creation.

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  1. Yeah since I am the culprit in this piece let me be brought to account by myself.

    I don’t think this little experiment will last too long, padre. It hasn’t been up yet 24 hrs and I’m exhausted — not from anything nyuk-nyuk, but from building this digital castle.

    It just began as a bio page to which I would direct different women I had been getting to know… Where I would just say what I was doing and post stuff from time to time.

    When I gave the visitors author privileges, and invited them to comment on me, the rest of the content was chased off the blog in a hurry. And I’ve spent so much time replying to the posts that I haven’t had time to make a date… let alone GO on one….

    Oy vey.

  2. Come on, what did you expect? That women would be pleased to correspond with you in public alongside their rivals?

  3. Um… well… I guess that was a minor technicality that was not, ahem, taken into account… The early posts were quite cheerful; but you’re right, by the end, they took a nasty or catty turn. As they say in Tampa: my bad.

  4. It had a certain admirable quality, though, which would be fascinating from a spectator’s perspective. How long can a male animal sustain the incursion of such a barrage of female hit-points, both negative and positive, before being utterly exhausted and killed in the process. Sort of like watching a dominant gorilla or lion try to keep a harem before his testerone is no match for the estrogen war he’s found himself embroiled in and no longer a match for. In a nature documentary sort of way, the concept was intriguing. In a worrying-for-your-friend’s-welfare way, it was horrifying, of course. But still interesting. ;)

    You should keep it going for a few weeks more, I say, bionicboy. Let’s watch, at least, what happens. You may get laid, and in the meantime, what an anthropological experiment. With the proper intellectual detatchment, what you’ve impetuously started might be an absolute hoot to watch and learn from. Of course, you can be utterly honest and forthright in your own behavior throughout. But let’s see what the cats drag in… No? Hee-hee.

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