Sep 262002

Good site. Go browse if you haven’t yet. I broke my maidenhead there for Mass Post Day by recycling my old Salinger piece and got accused of plagiarizing Ian Hamilton’s biography, a book I haven’t read and don’t intend to read, for my trouble. Sheesh.

(Update: Apparently the guy who accused me of plagiarism spoofed someone’s identity to do it. See the comments. Not ironic exactly, just weird.)

  2 Responses to “Blogcritics”

  1. Aaron,

    I don’t know who wrote that comment accusing you of plagiarism, but I can assure you it wasn’t me. I’ve never even heard of any biographies of Salinger. Someone is taking my name in vain. I’ll be emailing Glenn Frazier and Eric Olsen to advise them of this, and also posting to Blogcritics about it later.

  2. I know it wasn’t you, and I’m sorry you got dragged into this. Your blog is very good and I thank you for linking my piece there.

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