Downhill from Here – God of the Machine
Aug 262002

Springsteen is bad. The Cult of Springsteen is worse. You can always pick out those home-grown grassroots up-from-the-bottom types: they’re the ones who show up on the covers of Time and Newsweek before they ever have a hit. Bonus authenticity points for continuing to write from the point of view of the put-upon 25 years after becoming rich and famous.

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  1. Indeed. Why don’t we ever hear some ideas about being RICH, and, heaven forfend, its benefits(!), from folks like the Boss twenty years after wealth saturated their lives? A little honest introspection would be a refreshing departure from the canned condescension they calculatingly contrive to generate the "authenticity" they deem necessary to generate record sales from the masses even after capitalism has been so beddy-beddy good to them.

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