A New Kind of Science — The Digested Read – God of the Machine
Jun 172002

Chapter 1: The Foundations for a New Kind of Science. Hi. I’m Stephen Wolfram, the smartest man on earth. My discoveries will revolutionize mathematics, physics, biology, social sciences, computer science, philosophy, art, technology and a bunch of other stuff people haven’t thought up yet. The few fumbling attempts at my insights to date — in artificial intelligence, catastrophe theory, chaos theory, complexity theory, cybernetics, dynamical systems theory, general systems theory, nonlinear dynamics, and statistical mechanics — are nowhere.

Chapter 2: The Crucial Experiment. You can apply a few simple rules to coloring squares on a sheet of graph paper and come up with random-looking patterns sometimes.

Chapter 3: The World of Simple Programs. You can make the rules a little more complicated but the patterns don’t get any more random.

Chapter 4: Systems Based On Numbers. You can get random pictures from numbers and functions too.

Further posts as I digest the implications of this revolutionary work.

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