Jul 242007

Pickup on South Street

Richard Widmark sneers.
Thelma Ritter finks, sells ties.
Audience nods off.

Rancho Notorious

Alas for Fritz Lang,
direction translates poorly
from the German.

Thieves Like Us

Is it possible?
An Altman fanboy favorite
that can be sat through?

Cries and Whispers

The TV is clear
of dust where the red envelope
has lain three weeks.

  One Response to “Netflix Haiku”

  1. I find I have so many ideas for series, I do a post intending to write several more, then get sidetracked chasing posts that feel more &##120;timely&88222;. Example – I need to finish a series on “Barriers to Worship” (the follow-ups are started but not finished). I will also do a series on “biblical foundations of worship” but I want to call it something more interesting than that.

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